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Friday, 14 November 2008

There has been some concern with the direction of the blog...

I am here to encourage our reader (I am talking to you Brian) that we will get back on the topic or our favorite cycling phenom as soon as he does... well, anything.   Since he has been off racing all year we have had very little to write about other than comments on some killer pictures (my favorite is still the convict in the cow suit).   If anyone has anything of interest on biker boy, please send us information.   We have been dying to ruin his reputation a little more (still assuming of course that there is much of a rep left to tarnish).   So the point is, please don't worry, DevinDNF was created for a reason and we will get back to it as soon as Devin gets off his ass and does something of note.   Until then, please come back and read up on all the other screwed up things rattling around in our tortured brains.

And no, Devin, pooping on the steps of the capitol building in protest of dirty coal production is not off limits.   That would fit great in this blog so shit away.

Hugs and Kisses,
Fidel Castro

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