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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Damn Interesting Indeed

I was reading an amazing story about a man in India who spent most of his life hunting man-eaters. He killed half a dozen big cats who were collectively credited with over 1500 deaths. The amazing part for me was his ability to hunt these ferocious felines and yet have such a profound respect for their nature. He held the stance that 9 times out of 10 the reason they turned man-eater was due to injury. An example given was that the Champawat Tiger which claimed around 434 men. This Tigress began her anti-human campaign in Nepal where 200 fell to her teeth. After the ARMY drove her out of the country she migrated to India where she made meat of 234 or so locals. After Jim Corbett killed the she-devil with what could be described as a 1 in a million chance, he discovered that years previous the tiger had been shot in the mouth and it's teeth were so torn up that eating a normal diet was impossible. It had no choice other than to eat soft human flesh to survive. Jim eventually stopped hunting big game and devoted his time to conservation and environmental awareness. India renamed her first national park after him and there is even a tiger secondarily named after him called the Panthera tigris corbetti or Corbett's Tiger.
I learned a few things reading this article:

1) Cats suck.
2) Hunting them is vital to our survival.
3) Hippyism (the act or practice of being a dirty hippie) began in
4) The people of
relied way too much on their Army and should have been a little more proactive in getting rid of that damn killing machine.
5) Had Devin been the guy hunting these killer cats, we might all now be ruled by a race of savage, man-eating, giant tigers!

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