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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

And the winner is...

Everyone who got to witness Devin turning red while finding out that the grand prize winner for biking in the longest distance (Brian G.) never biked into work. It was great. Brian was defensive, Devin was defensive... I was crying because I found the whole sceen too funny. Oh, no I didn't bike in to work today either in case you wondered. I never planned on it because I have a problem with the "establishment" telling the "people" when to ride their bikes or when to have a birthday or when to celebrate Christmas. WHATEVER!
Sorry about that. So it turns out there will be a new grand prize winner for Bike to Work Day. No doubt they will have a totally awesome prize like a strobe headlight or platinum rims for their bike or something of that most useful nature.

What I learned today is that if you F with the coordinator of a Bike to Work Day, you had better be prepared to get run the F over if you get caught. This is no joking matter... evidently... for some reason.

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