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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Seriously Folks...

it is Bike To Work Day, not our liberation from British rule. Let's not be so deliberate in our accusations of who biked to work and who didn't even try (namely me). That said, I found out from sources close to the situation that the coordinator of this years already scandalized BTWD may have indeed been less than forthcoming with the faithful few who count on him for guidance. Evidently Devin himself thought today was the warm up (and less than popular) Bike Halfway to Work Day and Then Give Up and Get A Ride the Rest of the Way With a Travelling Bible Salesman and His Wife Who Are Originally From Oregon (but business has been terrible there so they had to take to the road in order to make a good hard-earned honest man's living) Day or BHWDTGUGARRWWTBSHWWAOO(bbhbttsthttttriotmagh-ehml)D as it is called by the founders.

OK, this is the dumbest thing ever. Who handed this to me? WTF, people? We are trying to run a respectible slander site. What is this rubbish, what are we??? Amatures? You are pathetic! This is what I get for not reading what is handed me before I write it down in a blog.

And shame on you, Devin. Read a calendar every once in a while.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bike to Work Day Coordinator! Where is my free tshirt? I was promised the tshirt the so-called grand prize winner gave back.