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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Fun Facts About Cycling

NOTE: These are facts and anyone doubting that is anti-American or communist or factual or something equally as distasteful!

1) Modern Cycling began in 1991 with the rise of the grunge movement out of Seattle.
2) Early bicycles were powered by small
weasel-fed engines.
3) For health reasons, it is recommended you either where a cup or have your testicles removed prior to riding a bicycle.
4) Road bike tires were originally made from whale sphincters.
5) Mountain bike tires were originally made from hippie hair (though everyone thought that was really nasty).
6) The Tour de France was actually named for Colonel Francis "Tour de France" Williamson and not for the country in which it is supposedly held. That country was actually named for the colonel as well because, and I quote, "he was such a cool guy" and Stinkymeanpeoplesburg was too long.

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